Monday, April 28, 2008

Amy Lenord

Amy Lenord

Amy Lenord, USA, Secondary, High School, Spanish

I am a Spanish teacher and technophile who enjoys trying out ways to incorporate technology into my instruction.

I author two blogs right now, one for my students/classroom and one dedicated to posting ideas for the technology I discover that I believe has potential for second language instruction.

Technolandia - currently offline
I use this blog to post my findings and ideas for technology and web apps that have direct use in the foreign language classroom as well as examples I have from my own classroom.

Lenolandia - currently offline
This blog serves as a classroom webpage, and much more. I post recaps of the class day along with any links or files the students might need. Also it includes resources for their use outside of class.

Themes: spanish, technology integration, web 2.0