Monday, March 10, 2008

Ryan Bretag

Ryan Bretag

Ryan Bretag, USA, Secondary, PhD Student, Administrator

Ryan Bretag has spent seven years in education, both as a secondary English educator and now as an administrator at Glenbrook North High School, one of the top schools in Illinois. In his role as Instructional Technology Coordinator, he focuses on the infusion of technology into the curriculum and the facilitation of professional development for educators.

He has presented and facilitated workshops at local, state, and national levels with a focus on web 2.0, blended learning environments, professional development, and 21st Century Learners. Ryan holds a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and is currently in a Ph.D. program for Educational Technology at Walden University where his research interests are on secondary reform and the concept of 21st Century schools.

Ryan blogs for Technology & Learning as well as maintaining his own blog, The Four Eyed Technologist, where he generates enthusiasm and conversation on many topics facing the world of education today.

Metanoia focuses on exploring education from the perspective of an educator, administrator, and learner.

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