Monday, March 10, 2008

Rashmi Kathuria

Rashmi Kathuria

Rashmi Kathuria (nic Rash Kath), Delhi, India, Middle, Secondary, Mathematics

I am currently serving as a mathematics teacher in a reputed public school in India and working since 1994. I am keen on exploring new ways of teaching and learning mathematics. I believe, visualisation of a math concept is essential for better understanding of a concept. Through technology and its integration in classrooms, this has been made possible.

Also, infinitely exploding WWW has expanded the boundaries of a classroom. Surely, the networking on web is helping in learning and growing day by day. I have explored working on many web platforms like blog/wiki/podcast/videos/voicethread/slide shows etc.

In my e journey, I started blogging in 2006, the concept learnt by me through an organisation CII Shiksha. In January 2007, I was awarded CII Shiksha's Best E-Teacher from the then President of India, honorable Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Since then, I am striving for innovating new ways, exploring and sharing.

Mathematical Slide shows contains mathematical slide shows which are created for learning mathematics through visualisation and hands on. Podcasting House is where you will find voice sharings done by my students about their mathematics projects.

I believe utilising social networking platforms is an essential step for completing an ejourney so I created Passionate Teachers. This is a group of enthusiastic, passionate teachers who believe in exploring, learning and sharing. You will surely get motivated by seeing the work done by educators all across the gloge. Amazing!!!

Mathematics Learning
It is a place where I am sharing new strategies of teaching and learning mathematics.

Planet Infinity
This is my class blog. Here I am sharing about learning mathematics through hands on activities using different strategies. On this blog , I am uploading students' work /projects.

Figures Speak
A picture says at all. I have utilised this strategy for learning mathematics. On this blog, I am posting useful pictures through which mathematics results/properties of geometrical shapes etc can be recalled.

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