Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lee Kolbert

Lee Kolbert

Lee Kolbert, USA, Elementary, Middle, High, District, Educational Technology

Elementary School Teacher for 20 years, District Technology-Curriculum Integration Specialist for 4 years, love working with teachers (new and seasoned) and having conversations about engaging students using technology. I currently live and work in Palm Beach County, Florida.

My blog reflects on my work in education mostly with humor but still serious. Often, my blog takes on a humorous more personal nature, such as when my coffee pot broke and I went into caffiene withdrawal. My blog though, is always G-rated and a light-hearted, non-techy, but motivating read for any teacher (especially teachers who just beginning to delve into the world of blog-reading).

I use my blog also to engage my readers in new ways of thinking, to bring them slightly out of their comfort zones and to encourage comments to help me learn as well. In addition, my blog is used to build and support a network of Web 2.0 teachers (like us) who are constantly finding new ways to bring others into these conversations.

I conduct many staff development workshops and breakout sessions for conferences and, where appropriate, encourage participants to visit my blog for resources and encouragement. My blog is an "open book" where I encourage readers to "find me" in all my places such as Twitter and and Second Life as "teachakidd."

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