Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jenny Luca

Jenny Luca

Jenny Luca, Melbourne, Australia, Secondary, All Subjects

I’m Head of Information Services at Toorak College in Mt. Eliza, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been teaching for 20 yrs in both public and private schools and have worked as a Teacher-Librarian and in classrooms as an English and Humanities teacher.

I currently manage our school library and teach a Yr 7 English class. I have a strong interest in Web 2.0 and where it may be taking both the teaching and library profession.

Lucacept – intercepting the Web
Here I hope to track my professional learning and help others with theirs through my posts. I’m hoping to filter what I’m reading out to others who read my blog. It deals with all manner of Web 2.0 apps and issues and is applicable to a wide range of teachers, not just English teachers and Librarians.

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