Monday, March 24, 2008

Helen Teague

Helen Teague

Helen Teague, USA, K-12, Adult, Teacher Training, All Subjects

Proving that “booting up is not hard to do,” Helen Teague was the first teacher at her school to hack into her principal’s dial-up internet connection in the halcyon days of the burgeoning web, circa 1999. Upon surviving the panic of Y2K she looked around her garage at the stockpiled water and foodstuffs and thought, “who is going to eat all this stuff!”

What followed was and is a trek across all things technological, bringing software applications, web fun, and gee-whiz gadgets to students and teachers (she even lets a principal attend her trainings once in a millennium) through her venture called OOPS: Our Overnight Planning System. Visit the OOPS website, the OOPS blog, for more information on how to “Feed a Deserving Educator” i.e. bring Helen to your school.

OOPS Tech Tricks
Having walked the hallways of schools in 45 of the 50 states, I have seen IT all! I have even spoken in Europe, although the audience was a flock of birds in the Versailles gardens. Your comments, tips, success stories, and cautions about what is working in your classroom, especially with technology, are encouraged and welcomed.

This blog is a Web 2 companion to our OOPS website. The Mission of OOPS: Our Overnight Planning System involves equipping educators with “Just-In-Time” strategies for the unpredictable challenges or “OOPS“ moments of classroom teaching. Please visit often!

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