Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gabriela Grosseck

Gabriela Grosseck

Gabriela Grosseck, Romania, Higher Education, Information Technology, Computer-Mediated Communication

I am an university teacher, in love with web 2.0 technology and my family. I teach about social aspects of computerization and especially the impact of new Internet (aka Web 2.0) in education. I have a personal blog - Despre chestii din viata (cu si fara tehnologie).

I am a huge fan of del.icio.us (lots of good educational resources and professional relations come from this site of social bookmarking) and I developed a Ning network and a wiki for my students.

OraDeInfo - Comp(uter) Class
This is an educational blog for the discipline "Information and Communication Technology in Education" for my students, first year at University, Department of Educational Sciences.

Theme: web 2.0, education, collaborative technologies