Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bill Brennan

Bill Brennan

Bill Brennan, New York, USA, K-16, All Subjects

I have spent the last eight years as a science teacher and now Director of Technology for a school in Long Island, New York. Ever since I was in college, I have been passionate about the role of technology in our lives and education. For me, I love connecting with others to engage in this conversation.

Effective July 2008, I will be the Director of Math, Science and Technology for my district. I look forward to conneting with others all over the world to enhance the way we look at teaching and learning in the 21st century.

This April, I will begin working part-time as a professor at Stony Brook University. I enjoy playing golf, swimming, running and triathlons.

Educational Technology and Leadership
My blog is just my personal space for posting things that I come across and for the sharing of ideas and practices. It is applicable for anyone interested in teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Theme: education, web 2.0, 21st century learning, collaboration