Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sinclair Mackenzie

Sinclear Mackenzie

Sinclair Mackenzie, Highland, Scotland, UK, Secondary, Physics & Science

I've been teaching for almost 2 years, having previously worked in the electronics & life sciences sectors for 14 years. I teach Physics and Science in a large secondary school in the Highlands of Scotland. At present, I'm working on identifying areas where ICT can be introduced within my own department and am working towards the introduction of alternative Intermediate 1 courses for senior pupils. I am the Glow mentor for my school cluster.

This is a classroom blog that is focused on Standard Grade Physics. The site is based around homework solutions, real-world examples of the physics we have studied in class and an aggregation of revision materials collected from Physics teachers around Scotland through the Sputnik network provided by the Institute of Physics.

Theme: assessment, web2.0, physics, homework, science, learning, ICT

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