Friday, February 22, 2008

Paul McMahon

Paul McMahon

Paul McMahon, Hong Kong, k-12, 21st Century Learning

I am a teacher with 25 years as a classroom teacher, Technology for Learning Facilitator, Head of ICT, 1:1 laptop programme coordinator, IWB trainer, network consultant etc. I now work with schools in Hong Kong and the region to assist them to integrate ICT to allow for enhanced learning.

Unfortunately there is limited demand for this sort of work in Hong Kong at the moment due to schools being still very traditional and examination focused. I am more hopeful than most that a change is in the air!!

An Expat Educator in Asia
My Reflections on trying to get traditional schools in Hong Kong and the region to adapt their schools to include elements of 21st Century Skills. Sometimes a little of my other interest: Triathlon.

Theme: edtech, 21C, international schools, IWB, schools, learning

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