Monday, February 25, 2008

Miss Fox

Miss Fox

Miss Fox, USA, Primary, Elementary

Currently, I am a pre-service teacher (because we need our own name, us undergrads), studying elementary education in North Carolina. As I’m not yet a “real” teacher, I am fully aware that I don’t know a damned thing. That’s why I’m here. To share, to learn, and to vent.

I’m a North Carolina Teaching Fellow at a rather good university, and so will be teaching in the state of North Carolina when I (finally) graduate. I took two years off from school for personal reasons, and will be graduating in May of 2008, even though I entered school in 2001 (better
late than never?).

I’m opinionated, crude, funny, honest, compassionate, sexy, and I believe that teachers are real people with real experiences and that they should be able to share them with their students, rather than pretend that they have no life outside of their classroom.

The Learning Curve
This journal is here so that I may share my thoughts on education with theworld. I want feedback from teachers, students, parents, and anyone else interested in education (which should be everyone). All are welcome to comment, but keep the rules in mind while doing so.

These entries will be biased, as I expect the comments to be. My hope is that this will be a facet of an entire website designed with education and teachers in mind - a place for people to find education resources. I intend to have a discussion forum so that everyone may share their opinions, not just me. Please do comment freely - especially if you genuinely disagree with what I have to say. This site is here to help me as much as anyone else, and I look forward to in-depth discussion about education-related issues.

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