Sunday, February 17, 2008

Miguel Guhlin

Miguel Guhlin

Miguel Guhlin, San Antonio, Texas, USA, Pre K-12, Primary, Secondary, Adult, Educational Leadership

Transforming teaching, learning and leadership through the strategic application of technology has been my motto. As a veteran educator comfortable with modelling the use of technology at the classroom, campus, and district level, I've held true to a simple goal. That goal is to use powerful technologies to transform practice and enable learners to communicate and collaborate with each other.

As Director of Instructional Technology for a large urban district in Texas, Past President of the state-wide Technology Education Coordinators group in one of the largest United States technology educator organizations, I work to model the use of emerging technologies in schools.

You can read my published writing, start or join a conversation via blogs I keep at Around the, Technology and Learning's Blog, and LeaderTalk. I also keep all my workshop materials online at for others to use under Creative Commons Sharealike-Attribution-Noncommercial copyright license.

Around the
Around the Corner is a log of my personal learning journey as I explore the use of Read/Write Web tools in education, journal my learning discoveries in the field of educational leadership, and explore controversial topics, playing with words and ideas.

Just as the Read/Write Web provides our children with a massive playground where content can be remixed and formed to create anew, my blog allows me to do the same. I am grateful that many have chosen to join me in the journey, enriching my personal journey of discovery.

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