Friday, February 22, 2008

Jo Kay

Jo Kay

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Jo Kay aka jokay Wollongong (in SL) is a freelance geek, designer, and facilitator based in Wollongong, Australia. She has broad experience in educational technology, web development and virtual worlds. In recent years her work has focussed on supporting the research and implementation of new and innovative technologies for teaching and learning and online community building, with a particular focus on the vocational education sector.

Jo has interests in online culture and social networking and the impacts both are having in the education sector, but also on society in general. Her current research is around virtual worlds, with a particular focus on Second Life and the possibilities that it offers for education, communication and collaboration.

Jo is owner and manager of the Islands of jokaydia and supports a vibrant community of educators and Institutions on the Island.

A space to record and explore; to network and share; to focus on creativity and technology, virtual worlds, design and online learning.

Theme: virtual worlds, second life, web2.0 design

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