Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chris Duke

Chris Duke

Chris Duke, USA, Post-Secondary, Higher Education, Emerging Technology & Instructional Design

Chris, aka Topher Zwiers in Second Life, is an an educational technologist and instructional designer primarily interested in educational application of emerging technologies, institutional technology integration, and distance learning; he currently works as Director of Training & Professional Development and as an adjunct instructor in Computer Information Technology for a two-year, community college in the Houston, Texas USA area.

Chris/Topher earned his M.S. degree in Instructional Design and is pursuing a PhD in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Learning & Technology. Chris/Topher's current research project focuses on the learning power of Second Life as a function of learning gains mitigated by the learning curve required by the Second Life interface.

MUVE Forward
MUVE Forward (Real Life Education in Second Life by Topher Zwiers) focuses on the application of multi-user virtual environments - particularly - to faciltiate real life education in formal learning environments. More specifically, MUVE Forward explores: ideas for applying MUVE technology to learning environments, issues and experiences with implementation and research of Second Life at the institutional level, general Second Life news relevant to educators, and resources for facilitating Real Life education via Second Life.

MUVE Forward has a number of related news feeds that resyndicate news particularly relevant to Second Life and Second Life educators; these feeds are available in the side bar of the blog.

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