Friday, February 1, 2008

Adam Sutcliffe

Adam Sutcliffe

Adam Sutcliffe, Scotland, UK, Secondary, Modern Languages

I am a Modern Languages Teacher working at The Gordon Schools, deep in the heart of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I teach both French and German. Prior to arriving in Huntly I taught for a couple of years on the island of Yell in Shteland. And before that I was a VSO volunteer in Maroua, Cameroon, where I taught English to French speakers and lead informal training for other teachers. I qualified as a language teacher in 1997 from Sheffield Hallam University and went on to teach for three years in Priory School, Barnsley before heading off to Africa.

The image above came from 'We Are Multicoloured' and reflects my family's English and Cameroonian roots, whilst living in Scotland.

So Much To Learn...So Little Time
My blog is essentially a reflective blog about my teaching practice, but I spend quite a lot of time looking at emerging technologies and applications and working out how they could be used in a languages classroom. I have been known to drift off into rants or appreciations about tyhings I am passionate about such as equality and development(and even football sometimes.)

TGS MFL Homework and Resources Blog
The title of this blog sums up its purpose really.

The purpose of this blog is purely peer assessment. I post students work on the blog, particularly Speaking tasks and ask that peers review and rate their mates performance. I encourage the 2 stars and a wish format of 2 good things and 1 area for improvement, but I have called it Rocks and Sucks.

Themes: reflection, languages, learning, teaching, technology, web2.0, resources, homework, assessment, aifl

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