Saturday, January 26, 2008

Damian Ward

Damian Ward

Damian Ward, England, UK, Secondary, New Media, ICT

I am a teacher of ICT, Art & Design, Photography, Media & vocational applied subjects with 15 years experience. Currently Assistant Headteacher at a large Catholic secondary school in Wakefield, North East England.

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This blog carries the byline “…educating design aesthetic ict” which is a less than punchy summary of it’s objectives. The blog is intended to add to the wealth of citizen’s journalism on the net but with the perspective of ict learning and education from an educationalist’s point of view (I am a teacher; comments are from staff and pupils and other visitors). It is also concerned with aesthetic design from the contexts of new media and photography. The other aim of my blog (and website at: is to illustrate that teachers, as well as pupils, can be empowered through new technology.

Theme: creative, education, ict, media, technology