Thursday, October 8, 2009

Luz Pearson

Luz Pearson

Luz Pearson, Argentina, All Sectors, Education

I love education cause I love learning and all the transformations that learning involves. Three years ago I founded a Spanish school with my partner Magdalena Cambiasso. We try to make the school we dream of.

I have also been working in a formal education school for 10 years (collaborating in the institutional communication, the ICT insertion in classrooms and in thinking the new ways of learning). It´s a great place for learning.

I´m online since forever but I had not seriously started creating a personal learning network up to now. I´m having a great time in this new chapter of my learning process.

Escuela / Work In Progress - currently offline
It´s a blog for sharing my research on education with my friends and co-workers (and anybody who wants to come by). It´s really a mess right now. I intend to write on every content that I post there.

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